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Four years after the release of their debut EP, There Goes the Neighbourhood, Buzz Kings are back with a new collection of songs, reflecting a variety of musical influences and some innovative recording techniques.

The band blends hard rock, roots rock, with experimental sounds and their trademark vocal harmonies. As the first full length Buzz Kings CD, TruthLies takes their eclectic approach a step further.

It Used to Be Me
A song of love and loss. It started life as a jazz piano song, and came out of the Buzz Kings filter as a rock song with a bouncing rhythm and a fuzzy guitar solo.

Fake News
The band's first single from the Truth/Lies collection, Fake News takes on the media, and those who use it for ill. Check out the video here!

Old Country
This hooky country-rock inspired song delves into the immigrant experience, both past and present. An instrumentally diverse piece of music, it includes electric and acoustic guitars, dobro, banjo, and a fiddle played by Amy McCann.

The Devil You Know
Paul sings lead on this song, and channels his inner Brian May on the guitar solo.

I Shall Return
Conga, cello and fretless bass punctuate this haunting tale of loss.

Smoke and Mirrors
A scathing indictment of suburban excess and the troubles with keeping up with the Joneses.

Mother Night
A choir of guitars and a heavy backbeat support this song, inspired by the Vonnegut book of the same name. Beware, beware who you pretend to be.

A reggae-inspired song about the labour movement.

I Don't Need This
A dirty, fuzzy hard rock song about what happens when you've had enough!

Things We Now Know to Be True
Just because you read it on the internet doesn't make it true (except for this, of course)! The earth isn't flat, and yeah, let's just throw every troll in a big black hole!

Mr. Rosewater
Also inspired by Vonnegut, the band is joined by the incomparable Gabrielle Santin on backing vocals.

Shots on Goal
Buzz Kings do their patriotic duty by writing a song about hockey! You always miss the shots you never take!

An instrumental that evokes the feeling of listening to music outside, with a lot of people around. Remember that feeling? Stay tuned at the end for a little surprise...